Delve into your patient's twisted mind


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Crawl is a first-person puzzle and exploration game where you play a psychologist who navigates the twisting mazes of a patient's mind to find the cure and solution to his problem.

The game is divided into a series of surreal and dangerous settings that can kill your (mental) health and force you to start over again from the beginning.

The character moves block by block, just like in a traditional dungeon crawler, from which Crawl draws much of its inspiration. So you won't find levels, experience, or anything else. Instead, you'll find a series of powers.

At first you can only open doors and chests, but as you move through the different levels, you'll be able to create shields and even attacks.

The most striking part of Crawl is definitely the graphics, which take full advantage of Game Maker to make a provocative retro style.

Crawl is an interesting adventure game with puzzles. Although it's a bit short, it's a very enjoyable gaming experience all the same.
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